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What Is Stained Saint?

I started this blog two years ago and only have, I think, five posts.  “Is that bad” you may ask?  Well it ain’t good.  I started it because I thought I had something to say and that something was “I have a blog.”  Not really the reason to start a blog.  However the blogs I have posted were not written just to have something to write about but they meant something to me and that is when I figured it out – a blog should be written about things you really care about.  It really should be about getting your voice heard (hopefully). So I have decided to “redo” my blog and the first thing to change is the name.  I mean who really wants to read a blog titled jasoncanipe??  So I came up with Stained Saint.

The dictionary defines a stain as mark with colored patches or dirty marks that are not easily removed; damage or bring disgrace to; color by applying a penetrative dye or chemical.  There are many things in my life that have stained me, things I am not proud of.  They are dirty marks that have not been easily removed.  Stains that have brought disgrace.

So why would I call myself a saint if I am stained, I mean isn’t stained saint an oxymoron?  There are really several reasons or even interpretations I can use for my title.  As I mentioned there are things that I have done in my past I am not proud of that I can never change, it is a stain yet I am not that person anymore, Christ has changed me.  Or I see things in the lives of others that I believe need to be changed yet I deliberately look over my flaws thinking I am more “saintly” then him or her and that causes a BIG stain.  Or (and I like this the best) I am not perfect, I have those stains from my past and I have those self-righteous stains, yet Christ’s blood has covered me and stained me making me a saint no matter what I have done or will do.

First Corinthians 1:2 says that we who are being sanctified through Christ Jesus are saints by calling.  We think of a saint as somebody who is very “holy” yet that is just what Christ makes us when we come to Him.  He makes us holy.  That is not to say we are perfect but His blood covers over all those other stains making us all a Stained Saint.

This blog will focus on things that I have seen in the lives of Christians that I know must be changed yet I also realize that many of those things have stained my own life and therefore it comes pointing out not your flaws but OUR flaws and what Christ says about it.  The stained part is knowing that I have failed an infinite amount of times but the saint part is the part that is a call to holiness.

So I invite you on this journey with me as we learn to think for ourselves and listen to one another in love and respect.  After all we are Stained Saints striving for holiness.

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