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Resolve To Forget Your Resolutions

Charles Swindoll says, “I am convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it.”  Those are words that I am trying to live by.  As we come into 2013, 99.999% of the population will be making resolutions or say they are “turning over a new leaf” (whatever that really means).  But the truth is 98.999% won’t actually follow through.  Why not just stop putting all that pressure on our selves?

See if we make all these resolutions but fail to follow through our attitudes will be affected.  We will be irritated, stressed, or disappointed.  So let’s just resolve to forget our resolutions.  Oh yes, make changes, change is good.  But realize the reality of them.  We will not fulfill them perfectly.  My cousin Summer had a great Facebook post:

“I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions…I prefer to not set myself up for failure. So I’m just gonna continue to be happy with my imperfections (ie: thick thighs, lack of a filter and a serious addiction to caffeine…oh yeah, and wine) all the while, trying smile at a stranger daily. #newyear #sameme #happygirl”

She is right.  Most of the time we make resolutions we are setting ourselves up for failure.  Why?  Because we focus on the 10% and not on the crucial 90%.  The 10% will cause us to fail.  But the 90% will help us to succeed but yet it will also allow us to fail with grace.  Our 90% will be what helps us to “smile at a stranger” instead of “throwing up the bird” at them.

In 2013 if you do make a resolution resolve to not let your attitude drag you into the mud, instead allow it to pull others from it.

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