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Okay. So three posts over the past year – Is that bad? It ain’t good. But in my defense I had every intention of writing every day, okay every week, fine every month. Okay total honesty here – I may not of had every intention but I did think about it every once in a while.
Intentions. They can get you in trouble. There is a saying, “The road paved to hell is paved with good intentions.” However that saying works with a lot “The road paved to (insert destination) is paved with good intentions.” I have many good intentions. I intend to get my degree, I intend to get out of debt, I intend to really try and sell my motorcycle (okay I don’t really intend to do that), I intend to visit my brother in Kansas as soon as I know of a week there will be no tornados, I intend to get the perfect, rock hard abs I have always wanted…I could go on but that would take awhile.
My point is this, when we say we intend to do something we might as well as say, “There is a very slim chance that I will ever do that”. Intentions trick us into feeling that we are really going to accomplish something in our lives, when the issue is that intentions can paralyze us instead. When we intend we are only pushing the pot to the back, cold burner and leaving it. Whatever desires, dreams, and motivation that was in the pot becomes hard and crusty. The dictionary defines ‘intend’ as having a course of action for one’s plans, however there is a vast difference in having a course of action and taking that action. Let’s start taking that step and finishing all our intentions so that the “road to fulfillment is paved by fulfilled intentions.
And Josh I do intent to visit you.

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