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Today is my birthday.  I am 32 years old.  Within the last four days I have attended two funerals.  You may have heard it said but when you look at a headstone there are only two dates, the person’s date of birth (DOB) and the person’s date of death (DOD) but what about that little mark in between those two important dates?  You know the one the ,”-” dash.  It is such a small symbol of life.  But is that not what people go to funerals to remember, the life of a person?  And yet all we see is a dash.  What that dash should make us ask is what kind of life did that person live.  What an important question, what kind of life do we live.  Some try to live a life filled with success and accomplishments, others live for meaning and significance, some live for the day – “carpe diem”, others live for future, while many live in the past, some live by the “golden rule” and others live by the “law of the jungle” – but what kind of life was lived?

As I grow older, as I watch my son grow older, and as I look toward my second child to come into this world I ask myself “What kind of life am I living that my kids see?”.  The way in which we live our lives as parents will be a measuring rod by which our children live their lives.  We all want the dash to mean something, we all want to live a life that was worth living and a life lived well.  But how is that done?  Jesus said in the gospel of John chapter 10 verse 10 that HE came that WE may have life but even more then just life that our life may be abundant.  Abundant means plentiful but here are some other descriptions: rich, lavish, abounding, liberal, generous, overflowing.  The Psalmist said that “my cup overflows” (Ps. 23:5) – That is life that only Christ can bring!!!

What will the dash say about you?

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May We Not Be Lazy Thinkers

My name is Jason Canipe and I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a husband, and a father to two (the second one will join us in July but here all the same now).

Some of the blogs will be on the spiritual side, some will be just to vent, some will be to praise my awesome God.  Some you may agree with, some you may disagree with, some you may be indifferent to.  Some may encourage you, some may infuriate you, some may make you smile, some may make you laugh, some may make you want to throw your computer out, and some may make you say “What?”  But I hope they all will cause you and me to think for ourselves.  My brother Josh gave me a book one time by Soren Kierkegaard (not an easy guy to read) and on the inside he wrote “lazy readers make lazy thinkers”.  That has stuck with me.  My prayer is that I am not a lazy writer, you a lazy reader, and none of us lazy thinkers.

So enjoy what I write or don’t, give me your comments and your thoughts but please before you make any decision on what I write make sure you have thought about it.

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